Duplicate of four back-views of seated models in swimsuits by Cole of California, Mabs, Caltex amd Catalina, and bathing capsBildschirmfoto-2017-06-08-um-09.29.57jucophoto+2_webJason lee parry por LAS PALMASviviane sassen for Double MagazineOliver spies for milk magazine1Oliver spies for milk magazineRandolph_RainbowPaloma wool



1• Clifford Coffin

2• Jaci Carlson (Smith)

3• Juco

4• Lauren Randolph

5• Jason Lee Parry 

6• Viviane Sassen para DOUBLE MAGAZINE

7• Oliver Spies para MILK MAGAZINE

8• Oliver Spies para MILK MAGAZINE

9• Lauren Randolph

10• Paloma wool


Foto de portada : Lauren Randolph


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